A brand to set people free from the hell of mortgages

With multi-million pounds worth of investment, Habito is a disruptive new mortgage service that combines artificial intelligence with truly impartial advice and support from genuine experts, for free.

It’s a way smarter, way fairer approach to getting a mortgage.

Brand challenge

With next to no innovation in the mortgage industry, and trust in financial services at an all-time low, Habito needed a fresh, authentic, and empathic brand to improve the experience, cut through the ‘normalized hassle and pain’, and connect emotionally with people.


Brand idea

Expressing Habito’s purpose, the brand idea is born from the ‘little lift’ that Habito provides, by making the usually heavy, painful, and arduous process of getting a mortgage, altogether simpler and easier.

The bold logo puts this emotional benefit at the heart of the brand, with the elevated ‘O’ lifting away from the other characters, while also helping with the pronunciation of the unique name.

Brand personality

The brand’s personality conveys the two sides of the business: the cutting-edge machine-learning that powers the platform; and the real people on the frontline, putting customers’ interests first.

Your mortgage worries, lifted

I created a distinctive anti-gravity graphic language and calming visual world for Habito. Seemingly heavy forms are lifted-up to give them an unexpected floating feeling, reflecting the big idea at the heart of the brand: to lift away your mortgage worries.


The Habito personality is brought to life by contrasting the highly-structured, machine-like quality of the logo, iconography, and typeface, with the hand-cut forms and natural color palette.


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